What is a Home Inspection

August 31, 2019

Many people don’t know what a home inspection is until their realtor tells them they need one.  What is the benefit of having a home inspection anyway?  It’s simple: a home inspector works for you in order to find out every detail about a property before you close.  Don’t want to get stuck with unforeseen costs after buying a home?  Is the house safe for your family to live in? These are all the concerns of the home inspector.  The small cost for a home inspection far outweighs the risk of buying a home without an inspection.  And that’s exactly why your realtor suggests you have a home inspection.

A standard home inspection covers your foundation, interior/exterior walls, ceilings and floors, garage, built in appliances, roof structure and attic, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc…There’s honestly too much to list!  After the inspection is done, I can personally walk you through the findings at the property.  Also, you’ll receive the entire detailed report via e-mail.  What will you do with the info?  That’s up to you and your realtor.  Typically, deficiencies are taken back to the negotiating table where the sellers will either agree to make repairs, or, at the very least, the sellers will take the cost of repairs out of your closing price.  It’s a win – win, and you can purchase your chosen property with confidence. 

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