Sell Your Home Prep (Part 2)

September 1, 2019

Are you selling your home?  Watch these videos for tips on what the buyer’s home inspector is going to look for.  This second video covers deficiencies on the inside of your home.  In this video, we address the doors, smoke detectors, HVAC filters, electrical panel, garage doors, caulking, and common plumbing issues.  This info is free to you to watch, and the supplies required to fix these common deficiencies cost less than $50.  The idea here is to make the list of deficiencies as short as possible so the inspection report for your property is as clean as possible.  The longer your list of deficiencies, the longer the option period might last.  The longer your option period might last, the longer your house sits on the market.  If you’re serious about selling your home, then follow the simple steps in these videos to get your house ready to list and sell asap!

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