Pool and Spas

September 2, 2019

If you live in Texas then you either have a pool of your own or you know someone who does.  Buying a house with a pool is a big responsibility, but it has a really big reward!  If you are buying a property with a pool, be sure to reduce your risk and have the pool inspected during your home inspection.

When inspecting pools, there are many safety factors to check for.  Is there a fence around your backyard and/or pool?  Did you know that fences surrounding pools are required to have gates that open outward?  How many main drains are at the bottom of your pool?  Did you know that a single main drain without the proper cover is a safety hazard?  First and foremost, a quality home inspection is going to make sure that your pool is safe to swim in.

What about the pool equipment?  The filter and its pressure are a good sign of whether or not the system is running properly.  Ideally, the filter should have between 18 and 22psi, 20 on average.  Anything higher than that could indicate a blockage somewhere in your system.  Are there air bubbles coming out of the jets in the pool?  Where is that air coming from?  Air bubbles in your jets are typically indicative of a leak somewhere in your system.  Does the pool have the correct amount of chemicals in it?  The only way to find out is to check!  The Ph levels, chlorine levels, and stabilizer levels are your main things to look for.  Too high of a Ph and your chlorine will not do its job.  Not enough stabilizer and the heat from the sun will break down what chlorine you have in the pool.  Not enough chlorine means you’re just swimming in a big bath tub with everyone else.  If you are buying a house with a pool, tell The Smart Inspector to inspect it all and rest at ease knowing that your new pool is safe and fun for your family.

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